Tuesday, November 2, 2010

European Terrain 2010 - Part 1 - THE INTRO

Well here I am. My wife and I have moved from a 4 bedroom house in the burbs to a 2 bedroom apartment in the city of Brisbane. This is a great move. More time, closer to work, closer to gym, closer to everything. More relaxing.

The hobby room is set up, including my table. Anyone who knows me or follows me on this blog would know that I am sometime too perfectionist for my own good. This holds me bad in a lot of things and with wargaming it means I can never finish an army or a project until the preliminary steps are completed to my satisfaction. For me, this mean the terrain I will fight over.

A while ago I began accumulating links and pics of terrain that inspired me and gave me ideas. I then began a European Terrain Project which evetually slowed to grinding halt when the techniques and ideas I chose did not return the results I was after.

Over the time between then and now, I have done more research, more testing and more compromising and eventually settled on a system that will now be documented under the banner "European Terrain Boards 2010" of which this post is Part 1.

Here is a quick summary of what this project encompasses:

All Parts on 1 screen

Part 1 - intro and background

Part 2 - the table

Part 3 - the terrain boards

Part 4 - rivers

Part 5 - roads

Part 6 - hills

Part 7 - scenics such as fields, hedges, forests, etc

Part 8 - built up areas

Part 9 - conclusion

Previous to this I tried a few different ideas and techniques including battlecloths, cork tiles, styrofoam, condensed foam, mdf and felt. I think the biggest problem is that I game in 6mm. Anything that can be overlooked when using another scale is heavily accentuated when using 6mm. If the terrain boards are not exactly square or equal in height or begin curling, it really shows when using 6mm troops.

See here for the posts added when last trying to resolve this part of my projects:

So, on to the project. Lets take a look at the table so far.


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