Thursday, August 19, 2010

Where have I been? AUGUST 2010 UPDATE

Glad you asked!

The past few months I have been taking a break from blogging as the Russian Campaign closed and we played a few one off games and talked about our next campaign. During this time my wife and I also began looking for someone new to live and to sell our house in the suburbs for an apartment in the city. This being an effort to get more time back each week as we both spend a lot of time in cars driving to and from work. Moving to the city will cut travel time by 75% and save us a combined total of about 69 hours per month.

So all my figures are packed away but in the time it takes to sell the house, I will probably still get time to do a little painting.

Yes I am going to a smaller home. This is fine for gaming in 6mm. And I now have my portable gaming table to use so there should be no issues. Just less space and the need to be smarter and leaner.

What about the gaming?

Glad you asked that too!

The Monday night 6mm group has begun a new mini campaign based in 1809 in Saxony. I am in command of a French Infantry Corps and a weakened Saxon Corps and am ordered to hold the line as Austria invades. Peter is commanding the Saxon Corps with William commanding the Austrians and Jose as his 2IC. Michael is running the campaign and will stand in as a subordinate commander for field battles.

As the 1st moves are ordered, actioned and reviewed, I will take some pics and get more information on OOBs, Orders and such and post them here soon. Stay tuned!

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