Friday, September 26, 2014

Week Ending 31 August Update - 1 task done

Recently I revised my thoughts around basing my 6mm Adler Napoleonics for Empire V.

Yet Again!

Last year I finalised my review of this and concluded to use double the width required and double the depth with 1 figure now replaced by a stand of 2 x 2.

This week I got annoyed at how long this project was taking and the psychological block so many figures was to my building and painting my units. So I have decided to meet in the middle and go with double the width thereby making my units 24 figures instead of 48. The original rules call for 12!

I will however still increase the depth from 5mm basing to 8mm to give more stability but the figures will be in 1 rank instead of 2.

Here is a british line battalion in line on the new basing

And here is the comparison from the original decision of 2 x 2 on 10mm base to 2 x 1 on 8mm base.

Now I will move ahead and rebase the entire British 1st (Guards) Division.

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