Sunday, August 17, 2014

Week Ending 17 August 2014 - 1 task down

My next task from my projects list was to complete an ADF fireteam and Bushmaster vehicle in 6mm. Figures are from GHQ and vehicle from Heroics and Ros.

Here it is. I scrapped the idea of converting a riflement to a machine gunner in each fireteam as in reality the SAW is about as short as the Steyr in 6mm so it would look wrong. I moved the converted gunners into the weapons teams which will follow shortly.

I was happy with Bushmaster until I tried the weathering. It looks just so weathered now its hard to see the original paintwork.

Here is the painting pattern I worked with:

So here is a single fireteam of 4 men with grenadier and SAW gunner and a single Bushmaster.

Next task is to complete a full ADF section by adding a 2nd fireteam and then some bad guys as well as antennae and flag to the Bushmaster.

I will then move on to completing my 1st Napoleonics French Division complete with limbers etc. During this time I will play around with sizing again as I am seriously thinking to changing back to double the wide and only single depth with 24 fig units instead of 48 figs.

EDIT: Having since seen the GHQ Bushmasters and the detail on those, and having a feeling my H&R Bushmasters look a little small next to me men, I may purchase some GHQ Bushmasters and replace them. Let me ponder that for a bit.

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