Saturday, September 27, 2014

Week Ending 28 September 2014

Finally finished a full division of Adler 6mm Napoleonics for Waterloo!

This is the British 1st Division (Guards) complete with commanders and limbers for the 2 artillery batteries. Label applied to the tray and it is set to go into the shelves to await being called into action!

Next up I need to rebase the French 1st Division and assemble and paint the limbers for its artillery and I will then have 2 divisions to do some rules play practice.


Anonymous said...

Removable comment:

The Guards flags are reversed.

War Depot said...

Do you mean the regimental should be on the other side?

Unknown said...

Correct, look up the arrangement for the Guards regiments, their flags are reverse of the other regiments. The Union Jack color is one of their many regimental flags (one per company in some units) in Guard units and the solid color is the King's color.

Unknown said...

The flag you have as the regimental color is actually the King's color for a Guard regiment. The Regimental color is one of many company flags (24 for the 1st) and of a Union Jack Style.