Saturday, November 8, 2014

New Project: Fallujah and Urban Iraq

For a long time now I have been keen to wargame urban modern combat such as what we see and read about in Iraq and in particular in Fallujah.

Having Force on Force and Ambush Alley rulesets gives me the rules to use and having a good collection of 20mm figures and vehicles gives me the figures.

However, I am in essence a 6mm gamer in that I love small unit tactics but with lots of figures on the table. Coupled with my inability to make good terrain and 6mm is a great option for me.

I have a good collection of modern 6mm figures as well due to a couple of decent purchases recently from GHQ and so have decided to do this project using 6mm scale.

To begin with I need to sort out my ground scale. It can't simply be 1/300 ratio because it would still make my table too small for the ranges and movement required to model in my games. So I decided to make my roads as wide as 1 x Amtrac or AAV7 with a line of troops.

My terrain will be my usual desert coloured cork tiles with sections of 6" x 6" square modelled terrain on top all joined together to form large areas of built up area. Each of these sections will have a road modelled along 1 edge.

This allows the flexibility to build roads with buildings along the sides as I go. These roads will be sealed with a pavement on the inside edge only so when it sits next to another section, the pavement on that 2nd section will made the edge of the road on that side. No section means that side of the road is unsealed or incomplete. No problem. If I put 2 x sections side by side with the road edges touching each other, this should model a double lane or major road.

Here are some pics of what I have been playing with so far:

The next steps are:
* to create a set of 4 x sections of city with road edges and place them down in different locations to test out some layout.
* paint up a platoon of USMC and AAV7s
* paint up a section of HMMVs

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