Friday, March 29, 2013

Building a Waterloo Table Part 7

I have been thinking unhappy thoughts about this terrain lately but have decided to push on ahead and hope of overall affect of the finished product wins me over. I have stopped more squares though and will now focus on all the terrain pieces I may place on these tiles I have done and get that final look as quick as I can so I can then decide how to tweak or even to start again.
For rivers and creeks I have decided upon splitting a tile and taking out a portion and then laying the 2 pieces down onto some flat water effect plastic or even a flat riverbank with water. Over all the area would fit perfectly within where a normal half square would site but it would sit loose and supported by the squares around it. Should be good and I can see this working and do not need any for the Waterloo table so I can move on from this.
To begin with I am working on the buildings and farms in this area of the board and in fact all areas so I can make sure the sizing and scaling is correct.
I had a quick win for La Belle Alliance. I remembered I had collected over the years many paper models on my PC so I worked through them and found a 20mm La Belle Alliance that looks okay. I rescaled it to my 15mm ground scale and printed it out. I will print a few copies so I can “3D” the model up by cutting out doors and windows and gluing on 2nd and 3rd sheets. This makes it a little more stiff as well as providing depth in the recesses of the walls for doors and windows. Should be good.
All buildings will stand alone so they can be added to different garden bases for different battles. I will then create matching and standard sized and shaped mounting board sections modelled up with gravel or cobblestone and grass and gardens. When I need the whole on the table I will place down one of these sections and then 1 or 2 buildings depending on what it should be representing. A collection of these together will form villages and towns. All good.
I will then move on to farming fields of ploughed ground, planted ground, orchards and crops.
Trees, bushes and hedge lines will be worked on next.
Then I will work on grassing fields that are not just wild.
All of these items will be mounted on 1mm mounting board or 1mm plasticard.
Roads will be done last as I cannot for the life of me work out what I will do with these. Some have suggested drawing chalk lines or rubber models from eBay or even magnet strip or masking tape. Probably will look at most of these and then decided. Also thinking about making my own using caulking on plastic or caulking on thin fabric.

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