Sunday, March 31, 2013

Building a Waterloo Table Part 8

My paper Belle Alliance is complete. I found an old paper print so I scanned it and reduced the size so the footprint would equate to 15mm groundscale. Interestingly this actually makes the model a little closer to 6mm in height.

It looks good and it confirms the ground scales I will be using for all my terrain pieces.

Here is the completed paper model:

Here is the Irregular 1/300 scale model:

Off now to complete the grounds and landscaping around the building and to add a base and some sinkers for weight to the paper model.

By the way, I printed 4 copies of the scan. I cut the building sections out and glued 3 together for all sections of the building. I then cut out all the recessed areas such as doors and windows. Then I glued all those glued sections of the building to the 4th copy as the bottom so all the doors and windows look recessed into the model and it gives it a little 3D look instead of being flat paper model.

See Part 9


Michael said...

That looks very neat.
I see your IM model is as awful as mine..


War Depot said...

True that. I have tonnes of irregular buildings and will go through and eBay which ever have the wrong footprint or just look bad me thinks

Phil said...

A nice, and huge, work you are doing here...great idea!