Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Building a Waterloo Table Part 6

Building La Belle Alliance

Seeing as I am using 15mm basing for my 6mm figures, I am using a 15mm ground scale. So this means that every 1m of the real field = 1.5mm on the tabletop.

To begin with La Belle Alliance, I scoured the web for images of the building along with its surrounds in an attempt to see what it may have looked like at the battle and to get dimensions correct.

I think this is one of the best I could find on the shape and build and colours at the time:

This one confirms the shape and build:

Another modellers take on the colours:

Current colours as well as how it looks on the other side:

I now have to work out the size. I took an image from Google maps:

Using my graphics program I drew a box to match the 20m ground scale at the bottom left of my Google maps image.

Comparing the box to the original building I estimate it to have been around 10m wide by 25m long.

For 15mm tabletop scale this means my model will be 15mm wide by 37mm long. This is very small but will make it match the unit sizes I have as well as the terrain tiles I am building.

One of the ideas I had for this project was to increase the size of individual points of the battlefield such as buildings to ensure they have their presence felt and to enable the correct placing of garrisons. I thought x1.5 or x2.0 would be a good measure. What I really need to do now is measure up all the other battlefield points such as Hugoumont and Le Haye Sainte and others and compare them to the troops they need to hold and in fact to how I can model them without simple painting a block of wood and placing it on the table.

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