Friday, November 9, 2012

November 2012 update

So here I am back! Yes it's been a while but with my self training for Forex Trading I did not have much time left over. Every spare minute was either reading a forex book, scouring the forex forums, staring at forex charts for placing trial trades for the past 14 months. But I have missed wargaming very much.

So new rule - forex during the week and gaming on the weekends. Let's see how long that lasts.

SO, what HAVE I DONE since the last update?

1. My monthly orders from Adler to a painter in the UK and then to me have dried up purely due to me not being able to organised enough to place the next order. So this weekend I will get that sorted. I am trying to work out the Dutch I need for Waterloo.

2. The 1st of 2 orders for 10mm Crusaders arrived this week from Magister Militum. They look good and I can't wait to get them painted and based and into some Tactica paytesting. The other order is from TLB in Italy and is taking aaaagggggeeeeeesssssss to get to me.

3. 2 books ordered from 2nd hand sellers in the past couple of weeks are on their way. 1st is Chandler's Campaigns of Napoleon and the 2nd is Scott Bowden's Armies of Waterloo. Both good prices (compared to what they show as on Amazon!) so will be happy to add them to my library.

4. Force on Force has captured my attendion a lot lately having watched another batch of modern documentaries, watching the movies Act of Valour and keeping abrest of Libya and Syria via the news. Also recently purchase the FOF addon called Falluja and Day of The Rangers. So a quick jump back onto the Ambush Alley forums and The Guild and all of a sudden I am back thinking about moving from 20mm FOF gaming to 6mm. I love the idea of doing massive 6mm FOF games on 8 x 4 table and having company level engagements just like in Afghan. Nice sweeping flanking movements and high level heavy weapons overwatch. Would be cool. So I got what little of the 6mm moderns I have out and gave them a once over. I have a few Hummers and US infantry as well as toyotas and Taliban. I then decided to take a look at the GHQ website and lo and behold they have released the Tiger gunship and NH90 transport helicopters. So I could do some nice near future ADF. Cool! Also they have most of the latest generation vehicles for Afghan and will soon have the Bushmaster. $125 ORDER PLACED (I'm so easy!) Okay I'm also ordering more hummers, more infantry, more bad guys, and a bunch of UK troops and behicles. Next is to base a few figures on temp bases and playtest some games at this level. If all goes well I will have to put all my 20mm troops and vehicles and unopened plastic model kits on ebay.

5. Terrain still aludes me. Tinkering over the past 14 months had done nothing to satisfy me here. Although some recent web searches and testing in my room had led me to a few more compromises and a few more ideas to test. Will try to do these this weekend and report back.

6. ACW 6mm has gone nowhere for me so far. But I am guessing that is more to do with the fact that I still have not settled on the terrain I want. No good painting more ACW figures when I no terrain to put them on. Although I am leaning towards changing this project to AWI for FIW. Interesting!

7. Sci Fi is still a distant last in my projects. Been very inspired recently by starships and furture land warefare tech ideas. Even tempted to purchase Force on Force's Tomorrow's War. I do have some old Epic Marines and some Adler 6mm Sci Fi troops and vehicles. They look good and it FOF works well for 6mm moderns I may make the purchase and boost up my Adler 6mm Sci Fi forces and get my balsa and plasticard out and create a few starships. Could be fun. Lots of work.

So there you have it. My same projects as I always update you on but little progress since I last reported. But things will change. Wargaming is my zen balancer from work and no that trading is getting to feel like work as well, well I need more zen time!

As usual feel free to comment and holding me accountable is always a good thing too. Hope to have some progress and pics up here very soon. Stay tuned.