Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Force on Force and Crusades

So this weekend I followed the new rules and turned the PC off and retreated to the games room for any spare time I had.

I managed to get some of my 6mm moderns out and put together a squad of US Army in 2 hummers and get a few snaps. Moved them around the board a little with some taliban. This weekend I might throw them on a board and have a shoot out and see how they go. I really am leaning towards to FOF in 6mm. So much time, money and space can be saved rather than using 20mm. Although 20mm look fantastic and vehicles are so readily available. And you can actually see the different weapons they use. Mind you it dont really matter which AR a dude uses in FOF. A quick game should be able to confirm things for me enough to paint some up and take some pics.

US squad provides all round protection for 2 hummers on the move

Taliban swarm in from the north

More taliban moving in

A taliban leader is spotted direction rpg fire

I also got some time to review my 10mm crusades and so I cleaned them all up, took an inventory listing and began gluing them to temporary 2 figure bases, except for the mounted knights which I left on single bases. A quick review of the rules again in Tactica and I should be able to do a quick unit on unit test this coming weekend.

all 10mm crusaders from Magister Militum cleaned and ready for basing

mounted knights

armoured foot


pilgrims and spears

based up on magnet. each stand will be a single figure as referred in the rules


David Cooke said...

I've been wondering about 6mm moderns for an African imagination campaign. Suddenly there is your post!

War Depot said...

Yes I think it can be done. Looking forward to larger terrain setups with terrain that is easier to make.