Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Brisbane Muster 2012

Well it's Muster time again and so I put on my boots and headed off for 2 days of gaming in Brisbane. This year the Empire gaming group I am involved in on Tuesday nights put on a 28mm Eylau demonstration/participation game and whilst Saturday was a little disappointing with little interest in the game shown other than to comment it looked great, Sunday was much better with a few fellows joining the game and others showing interest in joining our Tuesday night get togethers.

Before I show the pics of the game, here are some pics of other games run over the 2 day event:

This looked like 1/72nd scale japan using Neil Thomas' rules for warfare in the 19th century

The smoke in the buildings to the right has flashing lights in it which looked awesome

This game was 28mm (I think) roman wars

Bill's popular game of Saga with Vikings

Massive game of 28mm renaissance or ECW or WSS

Some sort of sci fi game

Drew from Dragonfire Games put on a game of Bolt Action

Flames of War (I think)

A cool airwar game

And now here are the pics from the Battle of Eylau:


Steve's Wargame Stuff said...

Wow! That is one good looking wargame.

John said...

All the photos look great. Eylau was the first miniature wargame that I played years ago. Your Eylau looks fantastic.

War Depot said...

Thanks guys. The group put a lot of work into it. Even the wives got involved!

paulalba said...

Very nice looking game!