Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Russian Campaign - Part 24

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As the hour ticks away, Davout's 2 pronged attack on the right, the Russian left, encounters a consolidated effort to repel them after they cleared the steep hill.  He decides to hold his lead elements in position and swiftly bring up his following divisions.  But this takes time and soon the 2 nation's artillery begin trading blow for blow as the skirmishers on both sides do the same.

The enemy Jager in the woods soon form up into more solid formations in an effort to resist my Bavarians forward movement.  A number of close action firefights ensue with a majority of the results pushing the Russians slowly back through the woods.

The Russians in the woods retrograde back to formed lines:
Just as the Bavarians peak in their success, another brigade of Jager are spotted entering the woods.

More Russian Jager enter the fray in the woods:
The close firefights continue in the woods as the reinforcing Jager brigade deploy to 1 solid line in preparation for action.

Enemy Jager in line about to engage my Bavarians:
... to be continued ...


Phil B said...

Nice buildings - where are they from?

David said...

Most of them are Irregular.