Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Russian Campaign - Part 23

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It's now 1000hrs.  My Saxons are in position threatening the left.  My Bavarians have captured 1 of the 2 southern suburbs of Nava and are also preparing to push their way across the river using the fjord to the east of the town.  Davout has 2 main columns crossing the river further up and is preparing to consolidate his position to assault the Russian left.

Overhead showing the positions of the Saxons and Bavarians at 1000hrs:
The positions on our right at 1000hrs showing Davout's 2 main columns crossing the river:
Davout launches an attack on the left of the Russian defences in front of him with his left column while he throws the lead elements of the right column up the steep hill and into the waiting Russian gunline.  His cavalry move around to the right engage Russian Cossacks and threaten the rear of the enemy gunline.

French infantry assault the flats to the left of the steep hill and the steep hill itself:
A closer shot of the 2 pronged attack by Davout:
A close up of my Bavarian division fully deployed:
As the remainder of my Bavarian troops form up on the ridgeline to the south, a second attack by my troops in Nava secure the remainder of the southern suburbs.

The 2nd southern suburb of Nava falls to my Bavarians:
A strong skirmish screen is thrown forward into the woods on the enemy side of the river as the rest of the 2nd brigade of Bavarians sprint across the fjord.

My Bavarians stream across the fjord and into the woods protected by a strong skirmish screen:
A close up of my 2nd Bavarian division deployed:
Bavarians crossing the river:
During this time, my massed guns of 2 foot batteries and 3 heavy batteries, totalling around 27 guns, bombard the suburbs that can be seen across the river.  Soon, the enemy gives them up.

Suburbs of Nava across the river are cleared of enemy troops by my massed battery of artillery:
In the middle of the 2 southern suburbs is the main road running north and south.  As it crosses the river, there is a stone bridge and at the end of that bridge the Russians built a redoubt and placed 12 guns.  As soon as the Bavarians showed themselves in the captures suburb, these guns opened up and within minutes 1 of the suburbs was on fire.  The Bavarians had to evacuate.

Russian guns firing from the opposite side of Nava start fires in the southern suburbs as my brave Bavarians flee from the flames:
At the fjord, the Bavarians managed to get their entire brigade over without incident and quickly formed up to push though the woods.

My Bavarians form up to clear the woods of enemy troops:
... to be continued ...

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