Tuesday, April 6, 2010

My 2mm Waterloo Project - Part 2

So after months of distraction from when I 1st purchased some sample 2mm blocks from Irregular, I have finally completed 2 full divisions of Prussians based on the 1st Korps at Waterloo.

Obviously uniform distinctions are outside what can be achieved at this scale.  However, I have come up with some rules to help distinguish different troops types on the field. 

Line Regiments are dark blue top half and grey bottom half with black on top.
Reserve Regiments are grey on top and bottom with black on top.
Landwehr Regiments are dark blue on top half and white on bottom half.

These will also distinguish themselves from other nations because each base representing a company is 3 ranks of men for a total of 20mm wide.  Perfect for Empire 6mm basing which I based all this on.  You will see when I publish my French and English battalions, that they have been selected to match their nation's basing according to Empire V rules.

Painting is easy as you simply use lighter colours than normal and paint where parts of the body should go. 

Flags are from flag info I gathered over the years reduced down to 4mm square and printed on normal 80gsm paper and then brushed on the reverse with PVA glue and carefully stuck onto the cast flag on each infantry block.  I them remove all the cast flags from all the blocks that are not to have a flag.

So here are the 1st 2 Brigades (Divisions):

Here are 2 Brigades on parade.  Each regiment is 3 battalions with 3 regiments per Brigade:
The 1st Regiment in each Brigade is a regular Line Regiment:
Followed by a Regiment from the Reserve Line Regiments:
And finally a Regiment of Landwehr:
Here are the troops from the back showing their backpacks:
On to the French now.  Stay tuned!

... to be continued ...


AJ (Allan) Wright said...

Wow those are tiny.

The Haggis said...

I like them, keep it up. I think once you have a game with them, I will look like a real birds eye view. Very good.

SteelonSand said...

Stunning work there, great to these this project taking shape after your marathon posts involving the larger scale!
Love the paper flags - they really bring the blocks to life, and some great detail work on the knapsacks - can't wait to see some cavalry and artillery!

David said...

Thanks Steel.

This project kinda of gets done in between my 2 major projects of 6mm Naps and 20mm Moderns but I will try and get to some Cav and Art next.

Rollo Mirfino said...

Wonderful! Love the look of 2mm, I have 2 armies at the moment I'm about to paint for the American War oF Independence...but really at this scale they could be for Nappy etc. Love 'em though.

What rules do u use for 2mm musket era please?

War Depot said...

Rollo. I use Empire V with a couple of home changes for my rules