Monday, May 3, 2010

6mm Waterloo French I Corps nearly complete

Last weekend I decided that instead of ordering more Adler 6mm troops or scouring Ebay for more unwanted Adler Napoleonics I would go through all my stuff and start putting together my formations based on a number of generalisations I have made recently about how I am building my armies to give me good historical based battles as well as being able to historically field real numbers for historical refights.

Lately I have been basing and undercoating and then painting and flocking.  So I went through all my painted French and finally finished a complete biscuit tray for the 1st Corps at Waterloo. 

Each row is a Division of 2 Brigades with 2 Regiments in each Brigade. 

The 1st thing you may notice is that all the regiments are made up of 3 battalions.  I did this as one of my generalisations for Napoleonic French because mostly during the wars, French regiments had 3 battalions.  I know most did not field 3 for Waterloo but this enables me to do fictional battles and downsize to fight Waterloo or the like. 

Hopefully I will be able to put together enough corps to be able to combine them to get 6 or 7 battalions per regiment for 1812.

One of the other generalisations I made for Napoleonic French is that the 1st Regiment in every division is a Legere or light regiment.

Lastly you may notice some of the troops are still only undercoated black and some are even still silver and not undercoated at all.  So next step is to add artillery to the cavalry division, artillery to the corps commander and then finish painting the black and the silver troops.  Then it will be 100% complete and ready to field.

I have enough painted and undercoated troops to form around 50% of a 2nd corps which is in another tray.  On top of this there are still bags and bags of unbased troops to sort through.  I would guess probably enough to complete II and III Corps and enough cavalry and guns to coincide with divisional and corps assets and maybe even enough for a Cavalry Corps.  We'll see.  Stay tuned. 

Once all this is done, I will then order the rest to fill out the whole OOB for Waterloo including Grouchy's wing.

Then I will move on to the Prussians and Brits and allies. 

Then over to 1812 or 1809.

Then?  We'll see.


The Lord of Excess said...

Really awesome ... I'm still amazed at the 6MM figures. I've always though wow ... what huge battles one could have ... what massive battlefields ... and then I look at the models and think ... damn ... I don't think I could paint that. Anyway awesome stuff thanks for the post!

David said...

Thanks mate. Do what I do and get others to paint them as well. You would be surprised at how fast you can accumulate 6mm on a $50 a month budget. Or even $50 every 2 or 3 months.

Phil B said...

Brilliant! They look fantastic!

Which rules do you play?

David said...

Both clubs I am in play Empire V and I also play Empire V solo as well. I have Black Powder, Lasalle and Napoleon but I find Empire gives me the look and feel and historical results of Napoleonic warfare.