Friday, August 14, 2009

2mm Napoleonics have arrived!

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My order from Irregular for 2mm Napoleonics have arrived! Granted I did stuff up the order and only got 1 lot of the stands I wanted to test out, which is about 1/3 of what I wanted to order, but it is still enough to create a whole battalion or regiment so will be good enough for the painted samples and tests I want to arrange.

This link is to the 2mm list by Irregular

There is also a small gaming group on Yahoo that deals with Irregular and custom made 2mm gaming. There are other manufacturers out there but they all deal with different periods mostly sci fi.

This link is to the 2mm gamers group on Yahoo

One of the members of this group produced a picture of all the items for Horse and Musket for comparison. This is what I used to find which items I would use for French infantry in 3 ranks, Prussian infantry in 3 ranks and English infantry in 2 ranks.

Comparison pic done by one of the members of the 2mm Yahoo group

Here some pics of what I received.

Infantry on the right with skirmishers in front and cavalry on the left with artillery in front

The stands are not nation or troop type specific for the infantry. Simple Horse and Musket in 3 or 2 ranks and then skirmishers. There are differing widths of stands as you can see from the comparison shot above in this post.

My research of battalion frontages while in line and the guidelines from Empire V set of wargaming rules, led me to the stand selections I chose.

They look good and I can't wait to get some paint on them and photograph them in the field.

Infantry showing skirmishers stands in front followed by a Prussian battalion of 4 companies in 3 ranks. Behind that is a French battalion with 6 companies in 3 ranks and then an English battalion of 10 companies in 2 ranks.

Each stand comes with a flag cast in so any non command company stands, I will remove the flag.

A close up of an infantry formation for Prussian company in 3 ranks

A close up of an infantry formation for a French company in 3 ranks

A close up of an infantry formation for 2 English companies in 2 ranks. I chose 1 stand per 2 companies so I only had to move around 5 or 6 stands for an English battalion as opposed to 10 half sized stands. Obviously the stands for any Guards will need to be wider still, which may require some cutting and gluing.

The cavalry stands come as simply "Swords" with 6 men, "Lancers" with 6 men or "Heavies" with 8 men. Suits me okay.

The cavalry with Heavies, Swords and Lancers in that order from the left

There are a number of artillery stands and not knowing what a few of them meant I chose the item with a deployed gun and crew and separated limber.

A close up of the deployed artillery gun and 4 crew and limber

So what is next? To paint them of course. Then I place them in the field as battalions and regiments and take some more pics.

Let me know what you all think.

Stay tuned for more info.

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3


OttoMunoz said...

They are so tiny! They're not that expensive are they?


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the nice pics, been looking hard at 2mm myself lately.
Also found the 1/600 infantry that Peter Pig do recently. Curious how they compare...

Bardolph said...

Thanks for the pics, been pondering 2mm myself lately and this is a great help.

David said...

Thanks for the comments. I did not know about Peter Pigs 1/600 ACW troops. They don't look too bad. Slightly larger than these 2mm troops.

Stick around for these figs painted.

Robert said...

Hey there David. 1/600 scale is considered 3mm.So they would be a little larger. Some mix the two scales together when gaming though. Especially Sci-fi and WWII.


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