Friday, August 14, 2009

Empire V Fast Learn notes

Hi all

I have been asked many questions about Empire V Napoleonic rules over the years since starting this blog as these are the rules I use for my own solo gaming as well as the 6mm battles I am a part of in the Monday night group I belong to.

In a few weeks I will be introducing the rules to the local gaming club called BIG (Brisbane Independant Gamers) with the help of a few guys who know the rules as well. There is a movement in the club interested in gaming Napoleonic battles.

So here is a quick learning document I threw together to assist those in wanting to know more about Empire and how to quickly gain its concepts just before jumping in on a game. I will also be adding a separate document detailing the Hourly Round used in Empire as well as some cheatsheets.

If you are familiar with Empire or have any further questions, feel free to add them to this post as a comment or email me direct.


Anonymous said...

How are you mounting your 6s for Empire? Just curious as our group used to play Empire and used 15s.

David said...

We use 1/2 the width so 2cm for 4 figs in 3 ranks and 2 cav figs.
We use 1cm width for 2 figs in 3 ranks.
These are both 5mm deep.
We use 1cm x 1cm for brigade commanders and 2cm x 2cm for divisional commanders and 2cm x 2cm for artillery.
Probably a little generalised but works well and still gives the objective of having different widths for 700 men in line in 3 ranks versus 700 men in line in 2 ranks.

Richard said...


I have often looked at the rules - but never gone further.

I too have many thousands of Adlers - but i want them at 1:20 because I love the look of the larger units I can have at that scale.

Have you ever given thought to what would be involved in changing the scale to 1:20?


David said...


I did start explaining this in the Empire Yahoo Group here:

I am happy to discuss it more with you and I'm some of the guys in that group would be doing it also.

Unknown said...

Did you ever publish your solo rules for Empire? I just picked up the rules and have no opponents.

War Depot said...

Not yet. Rules are no where near finished.