Monday, June 29, 2009

Back to 6mm gaming at Michael's

(Click here or click on the Campaign 09: Russia menu item to see all the parts with the latest at the top)

Well with me dropping a few hobbies over the past few weeks, it meant I had more time to do things I want to do and one of those was to go back and check out things with the guys at Michael's place and the 6mm Adler Napoleonic gaming with Empire V.

Currently they are fighting a campaign based on the invasion of Russia in 1812 and it looks very impressive. Michael is leading the French army into Russia and is poised outside of Smolensk. William and Stevie are running the Russians doing a great job. They have managed to avoid many full on battles and I think are only just getting to their 2nd large engagement. This is a big one with at least 4 corps per side including the Guard of each. Tsar Alexander is facing off against Napoleon.

The Tsar's forces are aligned on the opposite side of Smolensk which is itself occupied by light infantry. Cossacks run all along the Russian side of the river in front of the town.

Napoleon in is infinite wisdom decided to assign command of his 7th Corps made up of Whestphalian soldiers to me in the launch of his attack on Smolensk.

Here are some shots:


My sector - the left of the field opposite the Russian grand battery.

My orders are to attack to the left and get engage as much of the enemy as possible behind the hill. Napoleon suspects the Russian Guard is further behind the hill.

A close up of the grand battery and one of the redoubts

Smolensk with Cossacks

One of the redoubts

My Westphalians bravely move forward. Guard Lancers and Line Lancers protect the right flank and attempt to push any Cossacks away.

The Line Lancers


My Westphalian soldiers

Marshal Ney's Corps moves forward on the opposite flank

Part of Ney's opposition

Ney's supporting cavalry

Ney himself

to be continued ...

(Click here or click on the Campaign 09: Russia menu item to see all the parts with the latest at the top)


Michael said...

Holy crap how good is that.

Anonymous said...

Ah the Russians! I remember many battles using those brave Russians before finally selling them to Mick. Good luck with the assault on the redoubts with the Wurttemburgers.

Nice battle report, say hi to Mick and William for me!

Cheers Drew

Donogh said...

Fantastic looking game - the scenery is really well done.
Anywhere we can see the campaign progress?

Allan (AJ) Wright said...

That's a LOT of French!

Behind_The_Wire said...

Looks absolutely great!

David said...

Thanks guys.

Will do Drew.

Donogh - I will try and get some pics of the campaign map posted. I jumped in part way through without the intent to be there each week but in reality I may be. Empire and 6mm are so addictive!

By the way I just found out they are Westphalians not Wurtts. My bad! Maybe I should have handed command to a more abler general and stayed back in my chateau in Westphalia!

Ah well, I am here now and the Emperor has entrusted me to tie up as much of the Russian Guard as I can manage, so hang on tight and here we go.

Anonymous said...

Six battalions vs 23 12Ibers! a bit of a gamble wasn't it? If they'd failed their elan that would have good night for that division.

David said...

Yes it was a massive gamble. But I could not exactly sit back there an wait for the cav to do their thing either. The skirmish line really just last 30 mins and then it would have round shot into my columns at full effectiveness. There is another more elite division behind with 1 brigade behind the other. This would have moved to fill any gap created by 6 battalions running for their lives. Luckily I had the die rolls to effect the goal I wanted. It really equated to about 4000 infantry assaulting 33 guns. A gamble yes but I got lucky and it paid off. Now its time for my elites and massed artillery to punch through his Grenadiers and hopefully draw in his Guard reserves. Then my Emperor will be showering me with gifts and praise and titles.

Stay tuned!