Wednesday, June 24, 2009

More 20mm Pics

I promised more pics of the 20mm WarTime figs I purchased recently so here they are. Aussies with steyrs, Afghan civilians, Taliban fighters and Bushmaster 4 x4's.

I will post more pics when I have painted them up. Maybe even a painting tutorial or 2.

The casting looks good. Many of guns arrive bent but not too long to get then straight. Nice and soft metal so moving them back to correct position once does not break them off. The barrels for the Steyrs are very very thin and so a couple did break off. I will need to find some wire or something to replace those.

Not much flash to cut off. Majority of it was a thick section on the underside of the base on about 6 of them. 1 taliban fighter had flash between the barrel of his AK and his stomach. A light cut and V section cut saw that off in a hurry.

The Bushmasters look great. Nice and solid and well cast. It's great to see all the bits and pieces to add on. Handle them all with care as they are fiddly and can be lost easily on most workbenches. I took the pic and immediately placed all the bits back into the ziplock bag they came in. Good habit.

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