Friday, July 3, 2009

My order has arrived!

Hooray for the good guys! That's me by the way.

My latest order from Adler for 6mm Napoleonics has arrived. This order is quite large so I am slowly going through it all item by item to make sure I don't miss anything. As I do it I am cleaning all the flash off and arranging them into units ready to go to be based and painted and deployed.

Lets start with the 2 x French Infantry Divisions in the order. These are fully equipped with Mounted Brigade and Divisional commanders, 4 Regiments of 3 Battalions with 1 Regiment being of light infantry. Also included is 4 artillery peices with crew. 2 of these babies and my 24 figure battalions gives me an entire 1815 Corps of 4 x divisions complete with mounted commanders and divisional artillery. Great stuff!

Here are a couple of pics:

A full corps of French Infantry + an incomplete light infantry division on the bottom right

4 x Foot Artillery batteries

An infantry brigade

An infantry division

And then:

a top up of the French and British artillery park!

Casualty markers

Prussian cavalry

The 1st half of the Prussian Guard formations in 1815 and a Polish Infantry Brigade on the right.

Better get to painting now then!


greywulf said...

Wow. That's a LOT of painting! I look forward to seeing how they turn out.

Love the cannons!

Michael said...

Holy crud that is a lot of painting.

Peeler said...

That's a parcel and a half! Look forward to the painted pictures.

David said...

Yes it is. Off to the painting desk now to finish the french Infantry Regiment and then the Russian Infantry division and then start work on this lot. Maybe 1 of the French Divisions and then get stuck into the Prussian Guard.