Tuesday, November 6, 2007

6mm Projects - Sat 10/11/07

Yay! Another bunch of figs won on EBay arrived this week. Thanks to Kreig for a bunch of cavalry miniatures.

Finished 1 brigade of British Guards from the 1st British Division at Waterloo. 2 battalions of 1000 men each. According to my previous articles where 1 stand of 3 ranks is 120 men and 1 stand of 2 ranks is 70 men, this corresponds to 2 battalions of 14 stands each. You will also notice the adhesive flags I printed and stuck on in line with last weeks article. Anyway here they are in their glory. Again a pretty dodgy paint job, but with the mass and the distance it don't matter to me.

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rpardo said...

A risky movement the yours towards 6mm figures!
However the result is very nice. Please post more pictures when you had a brigade or division to see the "mass-effect"

Anonymous said...

No risk going to 6mm. They may have been a risk going to Irregular when compared to other 6mm manufacturers as discussed in previous articles. The result is okay though.

I am working on a 2nd French infantry brigade and so will have a full French infantry division up soon.

Anonymous said...

Got the full division done now. Check it out.