Saturday, November 3, 2007

6mm Projects - Sat 3/11/07

It's been along time since the last post I know. I've been trying to get in more painting but have not had the time. If only I was earning the $$ I was 5 years ago! I could be paying others to do it like I used to.

I did win a couple of nice auctions on EBay though. Thanks to Ian and Krieg for their little Irregular 6mm Naps auctions. Ian's arrived this week and included 65 stands of British Infantry, 2 guns, about 12 cavalry stands and a few other bits and pieces. Not a bad pick up.

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The only problem with keeping on Ebay is that like today, there are a bunch of Adler auctions up and they are real tempting. I would love to win those but after deciding to go with Irregular am now quite stuck. Long term I would love to run with Adler and Baccus armies but short term I need to put together Irregular as per previous articles on this blog. And I can't afford both!

Another milestone this week was the decision to use sticky paper flags instead of trying to paint them onto the irregular command stand cast flag. I printed one out and stuck it directly over the top of the lead casting. It works quite well even if the flag is a little bigger than it should be for 6mm. Currently I have them printing at a 10mm height. I could maybe drop them to 8mm and still cover the lead flag section adequately.
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On the bad side this week, I started itching towards a near future Sci Fi 6mm campaign again. I started imagining large fleets of starships battling it out for the right to land troops planetside and engaging defending forces for key objectives and installations for control of that planet.

I have always wanted to do a modern 6mm campaign and so I came to the conclusion that I could overlap a little by using a modern western army against GW Epic Space Marines figures painted and set as an alien clone army. That way my western army could be used for both modern and sci fi campaigns. Nice one! I still have not decided on what to use for the fleets of ships and fighters as yet. Still a long way off on this one though.

This week also saw the release of Campaigner, a campaign management PC program put out by Racing Spider Games at I am testing the demo of this out to see how far it can go with my Empire V campaign rules. It looks good so far.

Also this week, my Empire V rules have been bugging me to start playtesting to get the enemy AI commenced. This AI is a bunch of matrixes and charts that will control the enemies campaign and battleground tactical moves. I will fight against this AI in my solo campaign coming soon to this blog. This really will be a simple thing to do but it will take time and a lot of playtesting. It's based on logical decision making and the probability of different outcomes on offer. Simple for a logical and anal thinker like me! I have a number of ideas floating around in my head which made me come to the conclusion that I need to base my Irregular 6mm Naps on temporary basing to start playtesting until I can paint them all.

This raises a couple of issues.
1 - I should probably be using any playtesting time actually painting my troops!
2 - I don't have the terrain where I want it to be and so would need to move the terrain building to the top of the projects list.
3 - I would be tempted to take photos of the battles to load them on this blog for all to see but would be ashamed of using unpainted armies in battle.
I will have to ponder on this a little more.
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So, what are my 6mm wargaming projects to date:
Modular Terrain Boards and Features
Near Future Sci Fi
Roman Empire

A lot of projects I know, and so little time. I would be most happy if I could just pull off the 1st 3 in my lifetime. Man, I need to pull my finger out!


mike collins said...

Nice page David!

Just to let you know how I deal with flags on my 6mm stands. I have H&R figures, in the end, I decided to just glue the flags together with PVA folding them a bit to make seem to flutter, and then to superglue them to an ordinary stand of marching figures. I dispensed with the manufacturer`s flags flag-bearers and individual command figures. The result I feel on the tabletop is much improved and at a distance one can`t really see flag staffs or officers just the units and the flags anyhow, that`s a little minimal perhaps as I have used four base, 16-man units. I have moved to slightly larger bases 40 figures in two ranks with a little more effect.


Mike Collins.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the ideas Mike. I did think of doing a new flag pole and all but I didn't want to spend too much time on it so just covering the casting is good enough for me. Have you got any pics of your little dudes?

mike collins said...

Just taken a couple of pics of some SYW Prussians - shall I email them to you?

Anonymous said...

Yes that would be great. My email is:

milsims @ iprimus .com .au

Anonymous said...

Mike. I just finished a division of French infantry with flags. Let me know what you think.

Micah said...

Hi, Micah from Racingspider Games here. I see your using the demo of Campaigner. What do you think? Where could it use improvements (if you've gotten that far into it).

Anonymous said...

Hey Micah.

Yes I did download and run Campaigner for a little bit. I have a software background so I was hoping to tweak it a bit to run Empire Campaign System for my solo Empire Campaign but have not had the time to check it all out just yet. I will get to it though.

racingspider said...

That's cool. Actually, we'll be hopefully releasing the interface to the combat engine portion of Campaigner, meaning you could write your own if you can code against .NET.