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AAR - Modern 15mm - 7 Sep 07

MilSims Minis – AAR – Sep 7th 2007

Operation SAM Takedown

A 4 man Delta Force team (designated DF1-1 and under the leadership of SSgt Rommel) has been searching an area south of Al Samaweh for a possible SAM launch site carefully hidden amongst a patch of heavy brush on the outskirts of a small town. UAV flights in the area failed to pinpoint the site leading to the belief it may be very well camouflaged and defended. The Delta Force team were to carefully search the area undetected and report in the exact location using a laser designator to co-ordinate a precision airstrike. If the location was too close to collateral, they had instructions to destroy the site using satchel charges and C4.

During the 3 day operation, Rommel’s Delta Force team had cleared most of the towm of Kaliq when they started noticing an increased insurgent presence. They decided to bunker down in one of the buildings to wait for them to pass in order to continue their northern route. The insurgent presence did not subside.

So, Delta Force have called on any nearby units to link up and assist them in clearing the town and locating the SAM site.

A US Ranger Platoon had recently come off the local QRF roster is being deployed south of the town with orders to locate and link up with DF1-1. Together they will then clear the town of insurgents and locate the SAM site.

The Ranger Platoon consists of:

Alpha 1-1 – a 4 man fireteam under Doc
Alpha 1-2 – a 4 man fireteam under Russian
Alpha 2-1 – a 4 man fireteam under Cougar
Alpha 2-2 – a 4 man fireteam under Chopper

Cougar has overall command until the link up with the Delta Force team.

All teams deployed by hummer to the southern edge of the town. A1-2 quickly moved on a fuel depot on the southern outskirts. A1-1 moved past the depots left edge to directly south-west of the mosque which dominates the centre of the town. A2-1 and A2-2 bound by overwatch to reach the southern wall of the 1st building (building #5). Going in blind meant a lot of communication was needed to co-ordinate the advance without giving away any alarm for long as was possible. At that stage there was a lot of civilian activity observed by all teams.

A1-2 quietly cleared the roof of the admin building in the fuel depot, while A2-2 moved past building 5 to cover building 4.

DF1-1 managed to get comms back online and told A2-1 that they were holding what was known as building 4. Cougar knew that with the civilian numbers in front of him, to move in to building 4 would definitely give their presence away. He co-ordinated with A1-2 who was waiting patiently to breach the fuel depot admin building to make their moves together.

A1-2 flash banged the admin building and overpowered 1 gunman in the admin building foyer just as Cougar’s A2-1 rushed around the front of and into building 4. The link up with Delta Force was established. As many and varied alarms went off from all directions, some of the civilians drew automatic weapons and started firing at building 4.

The whole of DF1-1 moved to the entrance of building 4 to clear the gunman presence from the large open area facing them. 1 gunman and 2 civilians were gunned down. A1-1 consolidated their overwatch position to the south-west of the mosque covering the whole southern side of the mosque and town buildings. A1-2 forced entry into the office of the admin building to find 3 civilians tied up and gagged. They were very happy to see him and his team. Russian had no idea what to do with them but after a little coercion from his commander, he released them to join the captured gunman now under armed guard in the foyer. A2-2 stacked up at the entrance to building 5 to break the main gate.

DF1-1 left building 4 and headed back south to resupply and take 5 while A2-1 cleared the roof and took up overwatch positions looking north, northwest and west from building 4. A1-2 asked a few questions from the released civilians and found they were British electrical contractors who had been working on the generators at the fuel depot when the town was overrun by militants earlier that week. They stressed again that they were very happy to see Russian and his team! A2-2 breached the gate of building 5 and captured 1 gunman.

Russian’s questioning of the british contractors ascertained that the militants had moved on the town from the northeast. DF1-1 decided that was going to be their bearing as they cleared the town. A1-1 moved from their overwatch position to the southern side of building 6. A2-1 breached the garden shed of building 5 and shot dead 3 gunmen in the process. They also cleared the main building and captured another 3 militants.

DF1-1 decided to move all POWs back to Russian’s fuel depot position before moving on to the mosque. As they passed the shanty town between building 5 and 6, they we set upon by 2 gunman who literally ran out into the middle of the DF team. Needless to say the lightning fast reflexes of the DF paid off and the 2 gunmen went down in a flurry of close quarters combat skills. Another 2 gunmen then ran out of building 6 right into the overwatch line of fire of Chopper’s A2-2 who quickly dispatched them off to Allah and the virgins.

Doc’s A1-1 (now on the roof of building 6 watching north to the mosque) and Chopper’s A2-2 (still on building 4 watching north through to west) kept their overwatch positions as Rommel’s DF1-1 and Russian’s 1-2 moved back to the fuel depot to resupply. On the way they noticed another 2 gunmen moving out of the shanty town towards Doc’s A1-1. DF1-1 took both out but not before 1 of theirs went down. DF1-1 were now 1 man short. Cougar’s A2-1 took over the guard of all the captured and rescued.

Daylight was fading as all 4 teams moved into position at the southern wall of the mosque. DF1-1 positioned themselves at the southeastern corner watching north just as 3 gunmen ran from the main entrance away from them. 1 went down and the other 2 dropped for cover suppressed. A1-2 moved to the opposite southwest corner to cover the northern aspect and rear of the mosque, looking out to the farms. A1-1 and A2-2 stacked on the southern entrance in readiness to breach.

As DF1-1 took care of the other 2 gunmen who had tried to run the gauntlet out front, 8 rangers burst in through the southern entrance and in a hail of M4 and Minimi rounds and 40mm grenades, 8 gunmen were sent on their way to Allah.

Doc’s A1-1 moved up the northern stairwell to the upper floor and shot dead 2 gunmen as Chopper’s A2-2 moved up the tight southern staircase that led to the tower. A2-2 exited the staircase at the top right behind 3 gunmen who were busy peering over the parapet trying to get a sight on DF1-1 below. All 3 were killed without a hint of knowing what happened to them.

At that DF1-1 decided that with daylight faded and larger than expected enemy activity, it was best to fall back to the Exfil south of the town and leave it to command to sort out.

30+ insurgents killed
6 insurgents captured
3 civilian contractors recovered
1 KIA from Delta 1-1

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TGbR said...

Hi David,

Interesting scenario, though it seems a bit improbable. The SAM site would have been sniffed out by the sensors due to the fuel missiles use, and probably just a strike delivered on it after the area was secured.
Which rules do you use?
I have only games WW2 skirmish, but your game was very interesting to read. A mix of good infantry skills and luck, same old story.