Monday, August 27, 2007

6mm Naps Paper Update - 27 Aug 2007

Okay. So now I have produced all the Allied Infantry at Waterloo. Hoorah!

I didn't actually produce every individual unit but each unit will be represented on the table for any historical scenarios. What I did was to compare the units involved with the different uniform information I have and the different infantry classes in Empire V. I split all the infantry into each Nation, then Light or Line or Guard, and then any class difference in Empire or any major uniform difference. For example, the English infantry is split into light, line and guard, and then added is any highlander infantry with kilts, and the 95th Rifles. Brunswick is split into light and line, with Avant Garde and Lieb added as individual units.

The main reason I did this was that I did not want to create whole sheets of images that would only be printed out once. Granted some sheets of individual units will be printed once. But most can be printed again and again to get the number of units needed. Especially at 6mm. If it was being done to a scale of 20mm then that would be different.

When I start my non-historical campaign I want to be able to raise up generic brigades when needed and in this case I would print off another generic sheet of English Line Infantry or French Legere.

Right then, off to continue the Artillery now.

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