Tuesday, September 27, 2016

1st French Foot Artillery Battery Complete

To go with my 1st division of French Infantry for 1815 I have purchased some guns and crew from eBay and once again added some final touches and rebased them for Empire V.

Below is the pic of the guns and crew upon receipt:


The blue was updated with a darker french blue. I use Vellajo Dark Prussian for all by French blues. I also touched up the white belts and straps and added an Olive Green for wooden parts, Gunmetal Grey for metal parts and a Black Oil Wash (same I use for my own undercoating) to tarnish down the brass barrels.

I then added basing and used a different flock this time that matches the table top mat more closely.


All thats left on this 1st division of French is to paint the 2nd Brigade Commander and the Divisional Command stand.