Saturday, April 26, 2014

800 x 2nd hand figures ready to base!

If you've been following my posts since christmas you will be aware of the dozens of stands of 2nd hand French 6mm troops I picked up off someone off TMP. Each stand had 8 figures glued, sanded and superglued to cardboard and took me months to get them all unbased and cleaned up to be reused.

So here is the count:

110 x French Infantry Marching + 62 Command
80 x French Infantry Elite Marching + 9 Command
97 x French Infantry Grenadiers Marching + 25 Command
50 x French Infantry Marching with Greatcoat + 6 Command
239 x French Infantry Charging
24 x French Infantry Elite Charging
47 x French Infantry Grenadiers Charging
49 x French Infantry Charging with Greatcoat

12 x Polish Lancers
24 x French Lancers
12 x French Dragoons
11 x French Gendarmes or Grenadiers de Cheval
15 x French Hussars
13 x French Mounted Officers
4 x French Mounted Generals

8 x British Infantry Marching in Stovepipe
8 x Prussian Landwehr Marching
8 x Polish Infantry Marching
8 x Bavarian Infantry Marching

4 x Guns
10 x Artillery Crew

Totals 800 Infantry and 80 Mounted and 4 Guns and 10 Crew

This should give me around 16 x battalions of French Infantry, a regiment of French Lancers and a battery of 4 guns. The rest will be used to fill out more units.


rct75001 said...

That looks like a lot of hard work - especially as they used superglue.

Are you repainting them or they have withstood the ordeal OK

War Depot said...

Considering no 48 figures are painted the same and some of them have green grass colour all up 1 side, I will be touching almost all of them up as I base them into new units.

Anonymous said...

Hey very curious whats TMP? Thanks Steven

War Depot said...

The Miniatures Page