Tuesday, July 5, 2011

My 1st 20mm ADF modern figure painted

I finally got around to my test paint of my 1st ADF digger using my new Vallejo paints and the following tutorial:

I pretty much followed it to the "T" except for the colours used on the base which I used my normal Caramel and Beige to match my terrain and table.

Am I happy with it? NO. There is something not quite right. Maybe the brown is too prominent?

The tutorial says to use Iraqi Sand for the base uniform and then add the wash and then heavy dry brush Iraqi Sand back over. I think this is too dark. in the bottom photo I have a sample of the Iraqi Sand on the left, Pale Beige from my basing in the middle and Yellow Sand on the right. I think I will use the Pale Beige next time.

Let me know what you think.

Iraqi Sand left, Pale Beige middle, Yellow Sand right


paulalba said...

Looks pretty good to me,
Maybe just a highlight on the lighter areas if you feel like it? the darker brown looks spot on.

Whatever you decide it's a nice looking figure

paulalba said...

Probably a mix of pale beige and iraqi sand will give you the sade you are looking for?

David said...

Thanks Paul

I will try the Pale 1st and then maybe mix in some of the Iraqi Sand as I go.

Good to know the 3 spot colours look okay though.


Anthony said...

Alongside the "camo" spots of brown on your figure but a small "blotch" of the yellow sand...that will break up the camo and give it a more ADF feel.

And I agree with going for the pale beige for the 2nd dry brush layer.

David said...

Thanks mate I will try that.

Chris M. aka "Sgt. Scream" said...

Looks superb to me. :-D

Ryan Skow said...

Looks pretty close to the photo, but you might consider taking a picture with outdoor lighting to get a more accurate comparison.

David said...

Thanks mate. There are pics in newer posts that look better.