Thursday, January 27, 2011

2011 ADF in Afghanistan Guild Build Part 4

So a day off in Australia to celebrate Australia Day. Started off with a beautiful cooked breaky out in the mall in the glorious sunshine of Brisbane summer. It soon reached 30 degrees C so we heading back inside and threw on the aircon and fired up the coffee machine.

Today's goal - finish the 1st batch of Afghanistan scenic items for my terrain.

So off I went. They really just needed the ground cover finalised and as I had never done much in this area, I was a little apprehensive. I decided on a system of large rock, small rock, a few clusters of bush, 2 colour flock not quite to the edge and a small random pocket of water or puddle.

 The result later in the day with all pieces complete and drying.

 US troops use fire and manouver to advance through hostile crops.

 Other US troops use the roofs of compounds to provide overwatch for their advancing comrades.

Moving through open ground is always a risk. US troops prepare to provide overwatch while their buddies get ready to move out.

Anyone to knows me knows I am always my own worst critic and a pedantic SOB! While I think these look okay, and they are my 1st real attempt and such a project, they are still not quite what I have pictured in my mind. I am by no means a very creative person. I am as logical and analytical as they come and have always struggled getting an image in my mind down on paper or even into words. I know what I want and these are not it. But at the same time I have only recently come to the realisation that most things in life are the result of an "evolution". That is, a development of a skill or situation till it becomes what we see at the forefront. Like learning to play the guitar. So I will continue with my scenic building and trust that my skills and my ability to put what I see or imagine onto the table will develop or evolve. Soon! I am also not a patient person.

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