Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Russian Campaign - Part 21

(Click here or click on the Campaign 09: Russia menu item to see all the parts with the latest at the top. A Campaign using Empire Campaign System and Empire V rules and Adler 6mm Napoleonic figures of the French invading Russia in 1812.)

With darkness approaching, Murat draws back to strengthen his positions and prepare for tense night and a continued fight in the morning.  Everything suggests the Russians are doing the same.  No ground must be allowed to be taken by the enemy and every effort must be followed to in a good position to resume the attack.

The situation at 1900hrs.

The ridgeline continues to draw Russian attention.

As does the village.  French troops prohibit the enemy from breaking out.

French Cuirassiers gather.

Russian cavalry flee.
More Russian cavalry move up to fill the gap.
Russian Guard Lancers
Russian Guard infantry in a regimental square
The centre of the battlefield
Russian cavalry remaining on the right flank of the French lines
Tsar Alexander I of Russia
French and Italian light cavalry intimadate what remains of the Russian dragoon brigades
Italian Guard infantry finally deploy onto the battlefield on the right
Italian infantry in column

Under the cover of the darkness, the Russians withdraw from the field and begin a hasty movement away from Smolensk.  Murat was not aware until reports came in just prior to sunrise as Russian skirmishers and picketts were left in place to hold the ruse.

With Smolensk now safely under seige (this Russian army was attempting to break through to relieve the besieged), the attention moves north to Moscow where 2 French corps have contacted forward elements of 2 Russian corps defending the city.

... to be continued ...


Anonymous said...

How do we get rid of the 'currently reading' bit at the top? It covers a lot of the first part of the report.

Ozvortex said...

I really love the look of the mat you play on. Can you please give some info on what exactly it is?

David said...

What resolution are you running your screen at. I am running at 1440 across and there is no problem. I will test 1280 and 1040 and adjust where needed. Let me know if it works out.