Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Empire V is now available again - by download.

Yay! Finally, Empire V is available again.  Scott and Greg have worked hard to get it to an electronic version so it can be downloaded from a new Empire forum at:

To get it you need to join the forum but considering this is going to be the new home of Empire and all things related to it including updates, house rules from around the world, playing aids and discussions with the author and hardcore Empire players, this is a small price to pay.

A message posted on the new forum from Scott Bowden:

"Welcome, my fellow EMPIRE players!

It is my pleasure and privilege to be able to assist you, the EMPIRE player, through this forum on The War Event.

As a member of this site, not only will you have the opportunity to purchase various editions of EMPIRE, including the original, EMPIRE II and EMPIRE 5th edition (aka EMPIRE V), there will also be available updates to the rules as well as my support via Q&A and further rules modifications and changes.

Thanks again for your support and good will!

Scott Bowden"
If you are new to Empire, download this Quick Learn document to help you with the basics:

So get onto it and get into it.


Anonymous said...

download link seems invalid
I registered though
Any information or help to download the rules would be very appreciated

David said...

I have not been to that site for a while but last I heard something happened and it was removed from the site. Maybe check in with Scott Bowden direct or the admin of that site.