Friday, November 13, 2009

Christmas 09 Update 13/11/09

So I posted a journal entry last week just after I ordered a bunch of books off The Book Depository in the UK. They have great prices and FREE worldwide shipping.

Here is the link to that previous post:

I get into work today and at the door to my office is a pile of packages from the UK. All 6 books with not a mark on them. So the order was placed on the 3rd and they were on my doorstep on the 12th. Could have been earlier as I was not in the office all week so far. Not bad.

I placed my order to Irregular for a load of 2mm 2 days ago and I received an email today saying they are on their way to me. Nice!

What 2mm did I order? A couple of divisions worth of French, British and Prussian along with a dozen or so regiments worth of all 4 types of horse (carbines, sabres, lancers and heavies) and a few dozen artillery units as well as limbers, wagons, skirmishers and command stands. That should just about cover all the figures I have identified from the list that I would use and get enough samples of each for me to trial painting them up and fighting a battle or 2. Stay tuned.

Today I worked out my Adler order and sent it to a mate to see if he wants to add anything to it.

I also decided to abort the order for Liberation 20mm and wait till after the new year. So all is going according to plan for Christmas 09. Yay!

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