Sunday, November 8, 2009

Christmas 09 List

So Christmas is soon to be upon us. I have taken the opportunity to gather a few of the books I had always wanted to purchase, as well as the regular Adler order and an Irregular 2mm order maybe this year I will add a small Liberation 20mm minis order as well. Especially seeing as the AUD:UKP is so good. This time last year it was 1:2.20 with AUD:USD being 1:1.45. Today there are 1:1.1 and 1:1.87. Good timing.

1. Books

I recently came across the Hourtoulle uniform books amongst the library of a friend and I sat down and took a good long look at them. Granted some of the text could have been translated better and some of the detail is a little off, but the sheer volume of uniform, flags and OOBs make these books great for any collection.

So off to Amazon I went and priced them all up, and a few others.

Then I found

This is a great site developed by an australian and it compare all the major international players for sourcing books, as well as all pricing and shipping converted to AUD. Of all the books I had on my list, The Book Depository with its free worldwide shipping was the choice to use. So I went ahead and purchased:

2. Adler 6mm minis
I still have quite a load of these to paint up but I am now progressively further down the 1812 path than I had planned. My original focus was 100 Days and Waterloo but I have been very interested in 1812 and picked up a couple of ebay auctions this year with Russian figures. So this year for Christmas I will pick up a Division of Russian Infantry, which works out to be about 2 divisions when based for Empire, and 1 division when based for my solo Empire. To this I will add some Brit allies for 100 Days and maybe another 1 or 2 divisions of ACW. I currently have about 2 or 3 for ACW already and am keen to get some Regimental Fire and Fury going in 6mm.

3. Irregular 2mm Napoleonics order

A few months ago I mucked around with a sample of some 2mm Horse and Musket figures from Irregular. I worked out using their bases in 2 and 3 rank blocks to represent the same base sizes I use for 6mm. That way I know I have the room, and can get a more massed feel. As well as being really quick to paint.
Here are my journal entries so far on the 2mm project.
So this Christmas I will place my order to cover 1 whole Corps of French and Prussian troops. Maybe even 2 each if it comes to a good price.

4. Liberation minis
I currently have a bunch of painted Liberation US soldiers and vehicles, some plastic UK soldiers unpainted, some Wartime Aussies with a couple of Bushmasters, an ARH Tiger, a Chinook and just recently a NH90 kit for my MRH90. I do need some Liberation Brits and Brit vehicles and a pile of bad guys.

So there it is. Christmas for me all sown up.




Rafael Pardo said...

I own the Hourtoulle's books about Borodino and 1814 and they are very good!
Luck with Santa Claus!

Donogh said...

If you're ever considering doing Austrians, I have a bunch of unpainted Adlers I'm not using. My collection is all Baccus so they're on the clear-out list.

David said...

Yes I am Donogh. Let me know what you have and what you want for them. I live in Brisbane Australia 4000 if that helps you work out postage.