Saturday, July 11, 2009

Russian Campaign at Michael's - Part 2

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More on our Alder 6mm Napoleonic Campaign on the Invasion of Russian and my progress commanding the Westphalians in the Battle of Smolensk.

Some of you asked for pics of the campaign map. Here is a bad pic of the area around Smolensk.

And here is a pic of the full map. (Sorry about the lighting)

My Westphalian divisions attacking the Russian flank.

Napoleon is convinced the Russian Guard is deployed deep behind this ridgeline. My orders are to attack the flank in depth and draw as much of the reserve as possible. I have 2 divisions of infantry, a couple of brigades of cavalry, another light cavalry brigade attached, and associated artillery.

I led the attack with my line and Guard lancers pushing through the deep Cossack screens. A couple of charges sent them all packing with either no contact or contact resulting in a rout.

Following this was a veteran line infantry division of 11 battalions and 3 batteries of guns.

Behind this is a more elite infantry division of 10 battalions and 4 batteries of guns.

The view from the flank of the Cuirassier regiments looking in the direction of attack

Following that is my Westphalian Cuirassier brigade of 2 regiments and 1 horse battery.

One of the Westphalian Cuirassier regiments

Behind and to the right is the attached light cavalry brigade. This element has not managed to receive any orders even though they were sent 2 hours ago. The cuirassier brigade was delayed also so I intentially slowed the movement of my forward elements in order to wait for the remaining elements to fall in line.

As my attack moved forward, the line lancers struck multiple regiments of Cossacks who either dispersed or fell back. Below is the last regiment between me and the Russian artillery and infantry. This regiment made the mistake of trying to countercharge my lancers. 120 casualties later and a routed regiment flees the field through their own artillery. Unfortunately, my momentum (breakthrough) would not result in me hitting the artillery so I chose to stand and reform and rally and recover my order.

My Westphalian Lancers come to grips with the last Russian Cossack regiment before exposing the front line of Russian Artillery and Infantry positions.

The brigade commander's horse leaps in the air in victory as he watches the Russian Cossacks flee.

My Lancer brigade with the victorious line lancers on the left and the Guard Lancers on the right with skirmishers thrown forward.
In the centre of the field Poniatovski's Poles attack at precisely the same time as my attack on the left of Smolensk. As they clear the cornfields they come face to face with Russian artillery, infantry and hussars.

Polish cavalry stare down Russian positions while Polish infantry split behind them to clear any enemy from the cornfields behind Smolensk.

Polish infantry behind their front line moving up in support.

Enemy hussars charge the advancing Polish cavalry. This actions results in a draw and both forces bounce back in a standoff.

On the right side of the battle, Ney pushes forward with his divisions, one behind the other like the other 2 attacks. His lead element of Hessian Guards manage to punch a hole in the Russian positions to their front which they move into with a funny arrogance. A couple of Russian counterattacks fail to dislodge them but they have managed to take over 300 casualties between the 2 battalions.

to be continued ...

(Click here or click on the Campaign 09: Russia menu item to see all the parts with the latest at the top)


Donogh said...

Thanks for the campaign map.
Looks like the battle is turning out to be a really humdinger!

David said...

Mate, this is only the beginnings. Both sides still have at least a Corps and each Guard not to mention cavalry Corps to come yet. Things are going to get more heated to come.