Thursday, July 9, 2009

Brush Preserver?

Well today was an interesting day.

I decided to purchase a couple more fine tipped brushes from the local art store thinking vaguely that last time I did this exercise they were a lot cheaper than the local hobby/model stores.

I looked around and saw nothing smaller than a O brush. So I asked behind the counter and discovered they were behind the counter and not only did they have my required OOO brush but they also have a 5/O and a 10/O. So I purchased a OOO and a 10/O and got to talking about what I use them for and how cool it was that I paint such tiny little men. Got a 10% discount for being such a "cool" guy ;-) so all I paid was $5.50AUD for the 2.

Then I made a comment about how they tend to clog up with clumps of paint even though I always wash them in water and never let them sit in the water and always dry then with a tissue squeezing the tips. The lady behind the counter was inpressed and told me I was doing all the right "brush life techniques".

She then pulled out a small tin of wax called "The Master's Brush Cleaner and Preserver". It smells like hair wax but apparently all the professional painters (artist painters I presume!) use it and they swear by it.

Instructions say you wash the brush in warm water and then rub it in the wax until it frothes all over. Then paint and wash as normal. They say the paint always kinda sits in the brush but not on it and therefore washes out very easily thereby giving the brush a waaaaay longer life.

Anyway, I will give it a go and report back here. Stay tuned!

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