Friday, May 8, 2009

Painting Services

Just after I posted the update for the French 6th Lancers, I was contacted by a fellow who wanted me to paint 2 regiments of Lancers for him using Adler 6mm figures. We worked out a deal and a process and the job is currently underway. A good discussion with him and a couple of mates got me thinking about offering this service out to any others that are happy to have someone paint their figures for them.

So, I am now available for any 6mm. Simply drop me a line via the Comments box here and I will contact you and together we can work out the job.


6mm Infantry $0.60 AUD
6mm Cavalry and Artillery pieces $1.20 AUD

All pricing is to have any postage or shipping added.

At this stage I will only take orders for Napoelonics, 18th Century and ACW from any manufacturer. I can also make the order for you and get them directly sent to me for painting.


1. Order placed for painting and maybe the figures themselves.
2. I will contact with a list of questions to make sure all options are covered and anything that may need confirmation.
3. Payment is required for any figures that may need to be ordered.
4. A single sample figure or 2 will be painted and photographed and emailed to you for approval.
5. Payment is required for 50% of the paint job.
6. The full paint job is completed.
7. Photos of the job are taken and emailed for final approval.
8. Payment is required for the remainder of the job.
9. The whole job is shipped to you.
10. Feedback is required if you would like to.

Examples of my work:

Alder 6mm French

Adler 6mm French

Adler 6mm Prussians

Adler 6mm French Lancers

Irregular 6mm French

10mm ACW


OttoMunoz said...

That's awesome! If I had 6mm or 10mm figures I would have you paint them.

I was like that too, not really enjoying painting so much but loving buying loads of figs.

Much luck!


Allan (AJ) Wright said...

I wish you best of luck with your new business. Sometimes it can be very enjoyable to combine business with pleasure!

David said...

Thanks guys. I just finished my 1st job and they look better than the ones I did for myself. Funny that! They are on their way to the client now. Hopefully I can get a good rap from him.

Moocifer said...

Would you consider taking on a 10mm Kallistra commission for figures from the Crusades/100 Years War period ??

BTW - I'm from the UK. :)

David said...

I would love to help you out. I have never done that period but would be willing to paint a couple and send you pics before you pay anything. Email me at milsims (at) gmail .com with details of what figures to be painted as what and maybe add in links or images to help and I will let you know if I need anything else and send you a quote.

Talk to you soon.