Monday, May 18, 2009

My Weekend Scores

Great weekend. Besides spending most of it on the back of a backhoe machine redistributing the soil in my backyard to even it out a little, I managed to get down to the new expansion of Robina Shipping Centre at the Gold Coast. We dropped into Nerang Disposals on the way (to keep me happy) and catch up with some friends before we all gathered at Robina for brunch. I have been looking for a number of new items for my MilSims kit, mainly new combat boots, molle pack, small molle pack that can double as my gym bag and a couple of other items. I managed to score on a new pack that can hold a water bladder and act as my new gym bag. Although not true milspec it was patterned with Auscam and made by a hiking company and felt pretty strong. Only cost me $40 saving me around $110 on what I was looking for.

After brunch I found a QBD clearance store. These are sort of empty shops not rented out to anyone and therefore cheaply picked up by companies when they have a lot of old stock to move. Little signage, just tables of stuff cheap.

I scored 3 books under $10 each:

The Emperor's Last Victory by Gunther Rothernberg for $9.99

3 Commando Brigade by Ewen Southby-Tailyour for $7.99

Commando by Chris Terrill for $6.99

I was particularly interested in the 3rd one seeing as I have Chris's 5 part documentary on DVD of his time with the Royal Marine Commandos in their training and their deployment to Afghanistan.

Amazing what you find in the clearance stores!


ScannableGoose said...

QBD you say.....?
Thanks for the tip off.
I'll have to troll the local stores.
I've been lokking for both of those books about the RM Commando at the right price!

David said...

Yeah mate. At the QBD Clearance shop next to Gloria Jeans at Robina Shopping Centre.