Monday, June 1, 2009

2mm Napoleonics

He! He! He!

This will be a fun project. I've been playing around with rice for cheap and easy large mass armies for horse and musket. Mainly just to see what I can do. Over the time I've found the rice to be a bit fiddly. I tried paper a while ago. You can see those attempts here:

Lately I stumbled across a yahoo group on 2mm gaming. Now I know Irregular produce 2mm ranges and so I had a good look at them and the work some of these guys have done. One guy even built 2mm figures himself for ww2. Comments on those discussions got me to thinking about using 2mm tall card for "ranks" of troops. A quick rummage through my scrap box and I began cutting up some thick card into ranks 2mm tall and I glued them onto my normal Empire sized bases of the same card. Some clever texta work should cover colours for uniforms and some highlights with a black thin tipped felt pen and I think they would look okay.

So stay tuned for some pics and we'll see how they turn out.

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