Friday, April 3, 2009


Please bear with me. I recently moved my blogs from one google account name to a new google account name. I checked they ran okay and they were fine. I them removed them altogether from the old account name and they still ran fine. I then deleted that old google account and still they ran fine.

A couple of days later I log in and all the images are gone. I have recently found out that transferring a blog from one google name to another does not flow through to the picasa web album that stores all the images in a blog for you.

Apparently even though you delete your google account instantly, it takes a couple of days for Google to actually delete the account name and therefore will not show its true effect straight away when you test it. You would need to log into Picasa and download all your pics under the old account name and then log into the new account name and reload them all. I would assume you would also need to edit all your posts and reload the pics so the picasa url for each pic is updated. Pretty dumb if you ask me considering the picasa account is instantly created and linked to your google account as soon as you start a blog.

So, I now need to locate backups of all my images and edit each post in each blog and reload the pics.

Please bear with me as I bring it all back up to date.


Allan (AJ) Wright said...

I'm seeing photos, so maybe you've resolved the problem!


Allan (AJ) Wright said...

Check that, I only see photos for your For Sale post. Older photos are indeed, missing.


David said...

Thanks AJ. I have begun the unenviable process of editting all my posts to reload any images that I may have kept backups of.