Sunday, February 15, 2009

Completed: Village Heights

My 1st attempt at modelling a section of terrain for a terrain board. Instead of modelling terrain modules and using them together, I moved to having a generic group of boards and adding terrain sections that are modelled instead. This makes for better storage and a lot more flexibility and variety. So here is my 1st real "model". A heights section that has 2 areas 5cm x 5cm square that can be a farm, a homestead or a section of crops or such. We'll see how that turns out.

Anyway here are the steps I took:

The basic 2 level shape of the heights with roads cut in.

Using a 5cm x 5cm square template, I draw the basic layout of the terrain.

Glue on guide pieces to make sure the terrain pieces built 5cm x 5cm fits nicely into the heights.

Das clay is used to ease out the guide pieces and to add a little detail.

Cardboard uprights are added as bases for hedges.

Hedges are prepainted green.

The tree is added using the grape branches detailed in an earlier article.

Hedges are glued and flocked and the road and tracks are base painted a thick layer of brown house paint. Road flock is added.

Each section is now painted with a thick layer of brown paint and a thick dose of flock. A few minutes if left to allow drying and then the flock is tapped off and the next section done in the same way until all sections are done. Flock is kept out of the 2 square terrain piece sections.

The finished terrain piece.

Close up of the track leading to the heights and the tree.

All I need to do now is to print off some red brick pattern on paper and glue it to the front and back of the small section of green wall seen on the left of the last picture.


ScannableGoose said...

Very nice work David.
Thanks for the blow-by-blow.
Some of us need these things spelled out.
I was a bit dubious when you started out putting the guides on, but the finished product is fantastic. I would never have thought of trying it this way - now I'll definitely give it a go!

JAM said...

Hi David,

Emailing from the US. I really like the way you do your terrain, I have build a few pieces in the past but nothing as nice as what you do.

I am planning a 12x5' table with 2x4' and 1x4' modular boards. I was planning to do 1/4" foam board on 1/4" MDS, but I have always had problems with the edges. I am attracted to the cork tiles. I am curious how thick are your tiles and do you think they are they rigid enough once you glue 2 together if they are 2x4' in size.

Many thanks,

John Michael