Sunday, April 12, 2009

The Annual Brisbane Muster

For someone who usually misses out on any gaming conventions in Brisbane, I have done pretty well this easter. I usually find out about these things after the event is over with. This time I found out the Wednesday prior and was determined to make a showing.

Here is a link the details for the Muster:

Here are the highlights (I apologise now for the quality of some of the pics)

The room from the back window to the entrance - ECW front left, Cowboys & Indians centre left, Colonial back left, Modern Iraq back right, Airwars in front of Modern Iraq, Daleks centre right, Romans and Gauls front right, Konig Krieg further to the right.

Looking from the same window to the right - Konig Kreig

The Tables:

10mm ECW

Cowboys & Indians - Not sure or rules or scale


Modern Iraq - 20mm using Cold War Commander.

1/300 Battle of Britain - not sure what the rules were. Maybe Airwars?

The game I played in was Koenig Krieg demo for the new rules being released in 33 days.

Prussians on the left, Austrians on the right. At the bottom, is my wing made up of a cavalry brigade and a grenadier brigade. Right behind my wing was Musketeer brigade in reserve. This unit played a role in supporting the grenadiers as they did away with all the enemy cavalry to their front.

I had a small command on the Prussian Right. In my command I had a brigade of cavalry made up of 2 regiments and a brigade of grenadiers made up of 3 battalions.

My heavy cavalry brigade on the extreme right.

My grenadier brigade

Heavy artillery drawing a lot of attention from the enemy cavalry.

Some of the enemy cavalry I was facing.

Things went pretty well for a while. My side had a massive concentration of enemy cavalry and soon they were on the move. I heard that cavalry in this period was not quite as formidable as in the Napoleonic wars. I originally was going to move my infantry forward and form square to annoy the cav, but I was reminded of the fact that in the real battle, the grenadiers managed to hold and repel most of the cavalry on that side. So I went forward in line with my cav supporting my right.

Grenadiers moving forward on the enemy horse.

The Grenadiers come to grips.

The result.

This movement enabled me to bring alot of fire onto the enemy cavalry and just like in the historical battle, the grenadiers managed to fend off most of them. Artillery from my left and a couple of failed cavalry fights on my right and after a few rounds, almost all of the enemy cavalry was gone.

By this stage Frederick had left the battlefield, again just like the historical battle, command fell to his 2IC, me. So I took up the reigns on the entire battlefield. With the right now under control I pushed forward. In the centre I consolidated my lines to push forward and on my left I withdraw my cavalry leaving 1 regiment at the fjord to block the enemy cavalry crossing.

My goal was to push forward into the Austrian line but after a couple of rounds, the enemy army fell into disarray and completely fell apart and began fleeing the field. My pursuit was only long enough to get to the town which was my main objective and there I pulled up my army to set the night consuming the Austrians victory banquets.

Some pics of the rest of the battlefield.

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