Thursday, February 12, 2009

Completed: 6mm Prussian Infantry Brigade (Division)

Hooray for the good guys! That's me! I have finally completed a unit.

This is one of the Prussian Brigades from the IV Corps at Waterloo. I have most of the Corps done but not based, or flocked or flagged or even full painted. I hate all that stuff. Anyway I forced myself to push through and complete 1 Division strength unit at a time.

So here it is.

3 Regiments of 3 Battalions - Line regiment at the front, Reserve regiment in the middle and Landwher regiment at the back with an attached skimishing company at the front, divisional battery of 8 x 8pdrs on the right, Brigade Commander behind the guns and 2 squadrons of landwher cavalry behind.

Veteran Line Regiment of 3 battalions in the front

A battery of 8 guns with the brigade commander and his landwher cavalry

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