Saturday, February 14, 2009

Completed: 6mm French Infantry Division

After having completed and published the Brigade of Prussian Infantry, I pulled out all the French troops I had. I kind of thought maybe I have produced enough to get a division complete but turns out I have 2 and a half divisions worth of troops all done and ready to fight.

Here they are with the 1st division have a regiment of Legere.

(figures Adler - mostly painted on commission but some painted by me)

Both divisions one behind the other with 1st brigade in the front and 2nd brigade behind.

A close up of the front line

Close up of a line infantry battalion

Close up of a Legere battalion

Close up of an 8 gun battery and the divisional commander behind


Anonymous said...

Beautiful! I am very impressed. 6mm rocks.

Anonymous said...

Hi ,
Great painting and great to see someone with a nice landscape too

I brought my old 6 mm army from the closet and what a sorry sight it was : (
(nowadays im used to paint 15 FoW figs ),
They are Heroic and ros figs and I sure dont want to change as the adler ones are a bit bigger.

so I will concentrate more on the big picture like a nice landscape instead .
about the grape trees ,Ive done it for years but they are fragile so the get thrown away after a while but in 6 mm its seems ok