Friday, November 28, 2008

Update 28/11 - Ambush Alley and Terrain

Wow, what a week of inspiration!

1st, Ambush alley with the demo games and the purchase of the full rules and a few 20mm vehicles and plastic miniatures (pics to follow).

2nd, on to The Guild forums for tonnes of inspiration for painting and building terrain. And especially to this photo album. This guy has done what I tried to do a while ago where you place down a layer of foam and then pin all the terrain into place. What he has done different is to place teddybear stuffing under a battlesheet and pin in place along with all the buildings and trees and walls. Great idea!

This weekend I hope to put a sample table together (with pics of course!) and report back on how it went. I also hope to spray paint the other side of my european battlesheet for a middle eastern setting.

3rd, this thread particularly inspired me to work more on my terrain. With the above technique, I could still put down modules of terrain in flat areas, especially if I was to build them with a little weight in them.

Big weekend ahead. See you on the other side.

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