Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Update 26/11 - Ambush Alley

Played another demo game of AA on Monday night. Bill (own of the AA gurus from the AA forums) dropped by and myself and 2 of my MilSims admin guys went through a mission using the full rules from Bill. We all grasped it very quickly, even Allen who is strict military thought and assumed all wargamers are 12 year olds who throw dice at dragons. He was pleasantly surprised, especially when his fireteam easily moved up to the roof of a 3 story building and very effectively provided overwatch fire throughout the whole mission and then was successfully able to exfil with a serious wound.

Here is a link on the AA forums to the quick and nasty AAR:

I now have the full rules and all the addons and am ready to rumble.

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Beccas said...

That's the way. Let the non-gamers win and hook them into the best hobby in the world.