Friday, November 14, 2008

Update 14/11/08

Having decided to go back to Adler 6mm completely, I have been very comfortable moving forward. Even in painting. So the past few months I have been scouring and busy painting and basing to get a couple corps of French and Prussians up and running to begin playtesting.

Just recently I came across an old book I used to have when I was a kid called Napoleonic Wargaming by Charles Grant. One of the very inspiring books I used to read regularly as a teenager. I forgot just how easy to use his rules were from this book.

It based the combat on battalions where each unit was made up of 4 bases of figures. Looking at all the pictures made me realise the need for bigger units on the tabletop and so I began playing with 48 man battalions and formations instead of 12. This mean my 2 x corps of French becomes 2 divisions. A little disheartening to say the least, but then these rules are for battles of smaller size than what my normal Empire V rules are designed for. Maybe there is merit in the idea I have to split the battlefield up into sections that have division strength forces assigned and fight each section separately. This would mean a division of French Infantry can be used in 3 "battles" which actually represents the 3 sections of the front of the battle. I will have to test this out.

Here is a whole division of newly painted French Infantry re-organised on 24 man battalions instead of the 12 man units for Empire or the 48 man units mentioned above. 24 seems like a nice compromise for battles using the above rules. I will go back to 12 man units for Empire V battles.

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