Wednesday, September 17, 2008

6mm Naps Update 13th Sept

Scored some 2nd hand Adler 6mm Naps!

A friend I gamed Adler 6mm and Empire with a few years ago (who is also a part of the Tuesday night 15mm games at Shane's in Brisbane), wanted to offload a few things on ebay. So I collected the entire French Imperial Guard Foot and Horse Artillery as well as all the French Cuirassiers and Carabiniers he had.

He also wanted to sell a bunch of French allied artillery which would be good once I start collecting for the 1812 Russian campaign but for now I need to concentrate on 1815 for a start.


Braxen said...

Nice figures, not all that is left is to rebase them for Grande Armee ;-)

Anonymous said...

He. He. Nice try. In reality it would not be hard to work out the number of bases to move together to satisfy GA. I could even precut magnet or metal shapes and place a number of bases on them.

But this basing is for Empire V.