Sunday, August 3, 2008

My Birthday August 3rd

My birthday today! About time. I've been hanging out to get a couple of books for months now.

So off we trotted to Chermside shopping centre and hit the bookstores. This is what I picked up:

The story of Jim Molan, an Australian commander in charge of 300,000 troops in Iraq. This should be an awesome and proud read.

Takedown by Jim Lacey
This I have begun already and it's already proving to be worth its weight in gold. It appears to be a more exhaustive and detailed of the advances the US 3rd Infantry Division did to take Bagdad. I have already read Thunder Run and Black Knights which both explain the advance of the 3rd ID but this one appears to be more detailed and includes a few maps. Good stuff.

And of course no purchase of reading material would be complete without something Napoleonic.

The Fall of Napoleon by Michael Leggiere
Taking a quick look through this I can tell it will be a full on read. I love the opportunity to complete my timeline with a book covering 1813-1814 and the many engagements during that period. I have heard some say this is the time that Napoleon's generalship really showed itself. I am looking forward to getting into this one with my Atlas of the Napleonic Wars from West Point.

Happy Birthday to me!

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