Friday, July 25, 2008

6mm - update 25 July

So, a lot has happened since the last couple of posts.

Where have I been?
Military Sims has exploded and has now doubled to 2 sessions per month. LzerStorm 08 came and went with an awesome turnout. I picked up a new job and ceased my own printing and design business. I took a week of leave off to spend in Sydney with my wife. I got sick for a couple of weeks.

Now what?
But now I am back. The 1st thing I did when I walked into my gaming room was to see how pathetic the paper miniatures really do look and feel. I pulled out the Irregular 6mm stuff and the Adler stuff and really knuckled down to check pricing and feel and accepted scaling. Especially now that I am back into well paid work.

The Adler do work out the cheaper way to use lead but they deserve a better paint job and I would have to go 12 man battalions or 36 man battalions. 12 looks wrong and 24 gives the wrong base proportions. 36 is just way too large to paint and purchase.

Irregular look good if I cut the bases into 2 lots of 3 figures and join them 1 behind the other. They look really good. Pricing is not too good though. A lot a painting is required.

So what have I rested on?
Irregular. 1 single rank of 1/2 a stand looks okay and matches the base sizing I need and is still quite cheap and easy to paint. My long term project would be to double the depth of the basing out as per the previous paragraph but until then I will work on 6 x half stands of 3 men in 1 rank for a 720 strong French Infantry battalion. This costs around $0.61 AUD for each stand so totals $1.83 for a battalion.


Larry said...


I've been way behind on reading your blog, sorry man.

I'm glad to see you are done on paper. While I respected your decision before, I didn't think it was the right one. Glad to see you've come to your senses! ;-)

Just one question though. Any reason you didn't give Baccus a look see? I have a British and (blech) French army from them and their minis are absolutely fantastic. Not sure how they would stack up price wise for you but I would at least give them a look, they really are great.


Anonymous said...

Actually things have changed even more Larry. With the new exchange rates I found that the Irregular stands the way I want to use them would cost a lot more than Adler so I have decided to focus on Adler. As to why not Baccus, I simply have collected too many Adler over the years to look elsewhere. If I was starting again I would probably go with Baccus simply to support Peter.
When I worked out the pricing Baccus came up more expensive for Cavalry and Artillery. I may lash out and get some Infantry though just to see how well they fit in with the Adler stuff. said...

Sorry to see the paper project go. They probably would have been something to see en masse.

I will point out that others feel that adler and Baccus mix pretty well together. Pete Berry has comparisons of Irregular and HR on his site but no Adler. That was probably for a reason. You might buy a small amount and compare.


Anonymous said...

Hello John

Yeah I am under the impression that Baccus and Adler would field okay together. Probably not in the same unit though. I am planning to get some Baccus soon but they are a little more expensive for me than Adler but not much. Stay tuned.