Sunday, April 6, 2008

6mm Paper Miniatures update – 6 Apr 2008

Major milestone reached! All 4 French Infantry Divisions are completed with artillery and mounted commanders.

This morning I began work on a French light cavalry division to add to the nearly complete Corps. The 7th Hussars are the 1st regiment listed so I began on the art files for Hussars and printed a prototype because I had not created a prototype for the cavalry units yet.

Below is the resulting prototype after adjusting the gap in between the figures a few times.

I am pretty happy with that!

Now on to finish 1 regiment of Hussars, 1 of Chasseurs and 2 of Lancers with a horse artillery battery.



rpardo said...

I am waiting to see a full table loaded with your amies
Thanks for sharing!

Anonymous said...

Thanks mate. I can't with either. Not too long away though.

David said...

Yes, so am I! :-) It will be especially interesting to see a wargames table set up with terrain, buildings etc. *and* lots of paper figures. Until then, it's hard to envisage exactly how it will look.


P.S. So you are working on French line lancer figures? Will you be posting them at Junior General?

Anonymous said...

So close to full corps now. Yeah I reworked a couple of images to get the lancers. The images on JG were pretty spot on so not much work needed.